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2022 April eNewsletter

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Volunteerism is in Full Bloom

This month we focus on volunteerism and the positive impact that it has on improving lives and community conditions within Sheboygan County. Be sure to check out our upcoming Spring and early Summer events!

April Staff Blog: Celebrating Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month! A month to recognize community volunteers and inspire more people to join them in selflessly serving our community.

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Positions Available: 

- Director of Operations and Finance
- Data Entry Specialist

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Voices of Sheboygan County

“There is joy in volunteering. I believe I get back one-hundred-fold what I put into any volunteer opportunity. My favorite is helping with fundraisers; I get to spend time with my friends and raise money for an organization that is really, really important to me.”

– Eileen Simenz, 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner