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Campaign Toolkit

We want you to have a successful campaign, as well as an enjoyable experience as a Campaign Coordinator. Contact us to request printed copies of the items below or for other campaign inquiries. Materials update every spring.

2022-23 Campaign Video

Watch and share our 2022-23 Campaign Video.

This year our theme is 'Hope In Action.' Gifts to United Way are working across Sheboygan County to do just that!

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2022 23 Investment List 11 8.5 in

Partner Agency & Community Impact Initiative Listing

Every Dollar Matters

Every Dollar Matters

Creating your Campaign
Tools provided in this area provide ideas and best practices when running your United Way Campaign.
Materials in this area help highlight the impact any contribution can make in helping our neighbors.
Reaching out to retirees can help them stay connected to your businesses values and our community.
These materials are informational pieces on United Way’s Community Impact Initiatives, such as Community Partnership for Children (CPC), the Providing Access To Healing (PATH) program, or the Volunteer Center (VC). 
Videos that help showcase what we do, how we do it, and why through interviewing partner agencies, board members and other volunteers of United Way of Sheboygan County. 

Campaign Videos

PAST Partner Agency Videos

Other Videos

  • Community Action Team Video (YouTube)
  • Emerging Leaders Video (YouTube)
  • Board Member Insights (YouTube)

United Way Speakers

United Way staff, volunteers and affiliate agency staff are happy to present about the positive impact your donations have on our community. Contact us for more information.

United Way Raffle License

If you want to run a raffle during your campaign, United Way has a Class B license. Contact us to receive more information.

  • Class B: A license type needed when tickets are only sold on the day of the raffle. Generic raffle tickets may be used. A winner must be present to win. (License Number: R0036905-B-04987)