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Sheboygan Area Nonprofit Network

Sheboygan Area Non-Profit

Professional Development for the Social Sector

Join this free monthly educational events to grow your skills and knowledge in nonprofit management, volunteerism, fundraising, board development, and more. No age limits; if you work for, volunteer for, or support a nonprofit organization and want to learn more, you are welcome!

The purpose of Sheboygan Area Nonprofit Network is to provide valuable learning and professional development opportunities for nonprofit folks of all kinds. Whether you're an early-career nonprofit professional, a volunteer, an emerging leader, or a long-time staff or board member of a local organization, Sheboygan Area Nonprofit Network welcomes you to their free monthly events

Visit and like their updated Facebook page to check out upcoming events and other updates. These events alternate between Lunch & Learns and Coffee with the Boss events, providing you with a monthly venue to meet other nonprofit professionals, learn from folks with lots of experience, and build your skills and knowledge. 

Special thanks to Kohler Co. for their continued sponsorship of Sheboygan Area Nonprofit Network's 2019 programming. With their support, events are provided at no charge!

Interested in joining the committee?

Run by a group of nonprofit professionals who volunteer our time to plan monthly events, we're always open to additional committee members! Contact us at if you're interested in joining our leadership team.