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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors decides the strategic future of our organization and what community issues are to be addressed through our allocations process. Members of our board are local leaders from across Sheboygan County.

Executive Committee Members

David Gallianetti, Chair
Christine Loose, Vice Chair
Lindsay Rick, Secretary
Ross Marsden, Treasurer
Deidre Martinez, Past Chair


Holly Baumgart
Janine Chesebro
Sherri Halverson
Zach Kaiser
Travis Knier
Karl Kuhn
Ann Roy
Garrett TeSelle
Matthew Strittmater 
Larry Yuen

United Way Committees

Committee members are essential to the everyday functions and planning of United Way of Sheboygan County.

Contact us if you’d like to get involved in one of the following committees.

Community Action Team

The Community Action Team (CAT) is comprised of the Community Impact Director, three members from the Board of Directors and appointed volunteers from private and public sectors. CAT members evaluate program applications from qualified community agencies on an annual basis and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to best invest United Way funding based on available dollars, focus areas and current needs.

The CAT members also provide critical input on the community impact agenda, which is comprised of "community change" strategies that focus on finding solutions to some of Sheboygan County's most pressing human services concerns. This evaluation process is unique to United Way and ensures that all donations are invested wisely.

Ann Roy – Chair
Melissa Betke
Bryce DeRoos
Paul Griffin
Chad Hamilton
Julia Hart
Casey Irish
Mike Jonas
Travis Knier
Karl Kuhn
Tammy Pelletier
Cory Roeseler
Markus Savaglio
Matt Strittmater

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets by order of the Board of Directors to consider all financial matters including audit reports, financial statements, annual budget and insurance coverage. The Board Treasurer chairs this committee.

Tom Brickley, Chair
John Ehmann
Sherri Halverson
Matt O'Connor
Garrett TeSelle

Outreach & Visibility Committee

The purpose of the Outreach & Visibility Committee is to provide guidance and counsel as a “think tank” within public relations, special events, marketing, and outreach efforts. Committee members play a vital role in community awareness for UWSC’s mission, vision, programming, and community impact initiatives. 

David Gallianetti, Chair
Phil Bock
Jenna Check
Stephanie Dlugopolski
Erica Golhardt
Trevor Irish
Hannah Kaiser

Emerging Leaders Steering Committee

To collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals to lead the oversight and direction of the United Way of Sheboygan County Emerging Leaders program.

Kayla Romanoski, Co-Chair
Matt Brisley, Co-Chair
Nicole Brown
Akshay Jain
Jesse Ramos