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Recommended for civic-minded individuals age 40 and under, the United Way of Sheboygan County Emerging Leaders program is a network of committed, passionate, and generous young adults dedicated to creating a lasting impact in our community.


Who is an Emerging Leader?

Emerging Leaders are a dynamic group of community-minded individuals who want to connect with like-minded peers, serve our community, and become leaders in giving. As knowledge and enthusiasm for the community grows, Emerging Leaders can educate their peers about the issues facing our community and ways to positively impact the place in which we work and live.


  • Professional and personal growth through leadership and development opportunities and events
  • Ability to makes connections young leaders in the community while giving back locally
  • Expand your network and enhance your skills by interacting with individuals in diverse fields and learning about United Way partnerships
  • Knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others

Membership Criteria:

  • Gives a minimum of $10/week or $500 annually to the United Way of Sheboygan County
  • Voluntarily opt-in to the program 

Questions? Email to get connected! 



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