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January Blog: Nervous, Excited, Hopeful

January 2022 not only marks a new year but the halfway point in United Way’s annual campaign! 

We speak with supporting businesses this time of year about their annual workplace campaigns and corporate giving. Each conversation is met with excitement and nervousness.

The exciting part of the conversation is learning about the business. At United Way, we have the unique opportunity to hear how businesses and nonprofits work together to meet the needs within our community.

One of the most common phrases I have heard through the years are “employee attraction and retention” when I asked, “So how is everything going?”

We often see an overlap in what businesses need to maintain a thriving workforce and the services nonprofits provide to ensure a thriving community overall: adequate training and hands-on experience, access to affordable childcare, reliable transportation, and livable wages. By addressing these needs with curiosity, businesses are working towards solutions that tackle root causes.

These conversations with HR representatives and management became more urgent in 2020. The social problems that existed in our community before became more prevalent.

I am always excited to have these meaningful conversations about the important work done by our social sector and how, collectively, we create positive change to ensure the prosperity of families and individuals, which drives the success of local businesses.

This leads me to the nervous part of each conversation we have with donors. Are we going to make our campaign goal?

Last year, United Ways around globe were expecting upwards of a 20 percent decrease in contributions. UWSC was able to maintain campaign at the same amount as the year prior, ending at $2.45 million for 2020-2021! As a result, United Way’s investments remain stable.

Such amazing news that brought hope to many but that leads me to where we are today. We are halfway through our current 2021-2022 annual campaign and only time will tell if we will be able to sustain the same level of investments.

I’m nervous. I’m excited. And I’m hopeful.

History shows that each year Sheboygan County residents have rose to the challenge to help take on social problems through a gift to United Way. Challenges businesses and nonprofit agencies face are interconnected, and it all changes for the better when we unite. Your gift means so much to our annual investments, to the nonprofit sector, to local businesses, and to the community as a whole.

If you haven’t already, I hope you consider making a gift to our annual campaign and help continue to make ripples of positivity in our community. 

~Katelyn Piper, Director of Community Development

To make a gift today: Click here to donate

To learn more about last year’s investments: Click here to view United Way’s 2020-2021 Annual Report

Get connected with Katelyn to discuss how to get involved through making an annual gift, joining a United Way committee, and/or getting your workplace involved! | 920-458-3425

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