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United Way Volunteer Center connects you with nonprofit agencies in need of your expertise and time. 

Volunteer Center

Volunteers are a crucial part of general operations and special events for nonprofit agencies. The Volunteer Center helps connect you, your family or your team to the right volunteer opportunity in Sheboygan County. For a list of agencies looking for help across Sheboygan County, visit www.uwofsc.org/volunteer.

Copy of Holiday Needs


Spread some holiday cheer by sharing your time and talents with nonprofit agencies that are supporting our neighbors across Sheboygan County! From volunteering virtually, in-person, or donating wish list items, these acts of kindness warm hearts and bring light to individuals and families.

Join in the action! Click here to view Holiday Needs in Sheboygan County.



2020 Day of Caring:

The structure of the event shifted due to COVID but the purpose of UWSC’s Day of Caring event continued to support United Way's objective of engaging our community in volunteer efforts. UWSC expanded participation opportunities from mostly in-person volunteer opportunities to include virtual and donation of tangible items along with an ‘Acts of Kindness Challenge.’ Thank you to all those that participated! Together, we can help our community RISE!

Outputs of 2020 Day of Caring include:

  • In-person Volunteer Opportunities: 49 volunteers provided 196 hours of socially distant in-person volunteering around Sheboygan County. This is a significant decrease due to COVID-19. Nonprofits reported being unable to host in-person volunteer opportunities due to staff capacity and adequate space.
  • (NEW) Acts of Kindness Challenge: 507+ acts of kindness completed and submitted.
  • (NEW) Virtual Volunteer Opportunities: 16 volunteers participated in virtual opportunities such as making inspirational cards for clients, marketing and public relations support.
  • (NEW) Donation Drives: 300+ children's books donated for Community Partnership for Children organized by UWSC Emerging Leaders. Nonprofits reported 253 additional items donated that day.

2019-2020 Outputs:

  • 24 Corporate Groups with 1,062 total volunteers.
  • 556 volunteers matched with projects, for a total of 2,058 volunteer hours
  • 2019 Day of Caring: 58 projects filled from 38 nonprofit agencies. 1,016 Volunteers signed up to and provided 4,867 volunteer hours.


Volunteer Center Sponsors


Questions? Contact us by emailing volunteer@uwofsc.org


Are you a nonprofit looking to get involved in the Volunteer Center?

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