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January 15, 2019

Sheboygan County Community Partnership for Children Completes Third Year

United Way of Sheboygan County, Inc.

Written By Corrissa Frank

Community Partnership for Children Coordinator




Sheboygan County Community Partnership for Children Completes Third Year

A new beginning. It can feel empowering when people decide that the next moment in life is brand new with infinite possibilities. The start of 2019 marks the third year complete for the Sheboygan County Community Partnership for Children (SCCPC) initiative. It is time to celebrate success and acknowledge the great potential for the future.

For the past two years through the Welcome Baby program, Resource Specialists from Family Connections visit all families in Sheboygan County that are first time parents, families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and families with additional questions about community resources. In the last year, the Welcome Baby program has met with almost 500 families at Aurora Memorial Medical Center and HSHS. St. Nicholas hospital as they welcomed their new bundle of joy. One of the main community resources discussed is the Parents as Teachers home visiting program at the Family Resource Center.

One parent participating in the Parents as Teachers home visiting program shared, “The most helpful aspect of the program has been having someone outside of family and friends who knows my child but also has expertise in child development and can reassure me. As a first time parent I often question my choices and it's so nice to have someone validate my parenting.”

The SCCPC also expanded Child Developmental Screening events for children ages 6-months to 5-years-old. Families are now able to choose what location is best for them. In 2018, there were three screening events in Plymouth, two screening events in Sheboygan and one screening event in Sheboygan Falls. Through these events, 185 children were screened for appropriate development, hearing and vision. In 2019, the SCCPC looks to continue to expand to other school districts.

Finally, the 2018 year ended with success by completing the first Parent Café series. There were 25 parents and 34 children who participated in these three events. Topics included The Value of Positive Friendships, Consistent Parenting and Parenting in a Virtual World. During each event, parents and caregivers enjoyed a delicious meal with their children. Afterwards, quality childcare was available while parents discussed the different topics. In future Parent Cafés, each event will have a new theme and all parents and caregivers are welcome to attend.

There is no cost to families with any of the programming or activities that the SCCPC offers because of the generous support of community partners and donors. As our goal is to sustain and expand, we look forward to building additional relationships with potential partners to support the needs of the community.

What a wonderful year it has been working with many parents and caregivers to support their overall family health! The SCCPC looks forward to continue serving families in Sheboygan County. For more information, visit www.sheboygancpc.org or email Corrissa Frank at corrissa@uwofsc.org


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