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April 4, 2019

Facebook Countdown to National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is the second week in April this year! We are so lucky to have a community that really prioritizes volunteering. Nonprofit agencies in our county continue to meet their missions thanks to community members volunteering their time and expertise throughout the year.

So to celebrate... we thought it would be fun to do a weekly giveaway on our Facebook page!

DETAILS: To be entered in the drawing, you must comment on our Facebook page and tell us the answer to the fun volunteering fact we shared on the radio that week. All correct answers will be submitted to win the weekly prize! The Winner will be announced LIVE on United Way’s Facebook page every Thursday at NOON! Winner will receive a $10 Kwik Trip gift card and another special gift! Visit our Facebook page to enter!
**The final giveaway will be April 11th, 2019 during National Volunteer Week.


WEEK 1 - 3.20.19: To start our count down off, our first question was…. How many nonprofit agencies are members of the Volunteer Center of Sheboygan County?
Answer: 102

Click here for the Facebook LIVE video from week 1.

WEEK 2 - 3.27.19: The second give-away signifying that we had 2 more weeks to go!!

Last week, we shared that The Volunteer Center has 102 nonprofit agencies. These members benefit from community members becoming aware of the different volunteer opportunities they have thanks to community outreach such as these weekly radio spots on WHBL and B93 Sheboygan’s Country. The Volunteer Center’s goal is to help spread awareness for the different volunteer opportunities in Sheboygan County.

Volunteers are a vital resource nonprofit agencies use to meet their mission each year.

What is the monetary value of an hour of volunteer time in the state of Wisconsin?
Answer: $24.00 

Click here for the Facebook LIVE video from week 2.

WEEK 3 – 4.3.19: We are ONE WEEK away from National Volunteer Week - which means this is the second to last giveaway United Way is doing on our Facebook page!



On this day we celebrated with 180 other community members to announce the winners of the annual Spirit of Sheboygan County Awards! This year there were over 80 nominations; of those nominations, 30 individuals and group volunteers are finalists. 

Check back on Wednesday, April 10th for the question and a link to submit your answer for a chance to win a $10 Kwik Trip gift card and a Johnsonville Grill Utensil set!

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