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September 22, 2020

2020/21 Campaign Video

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Campaign Co-Chair, Louie Gentine, and United Way of Sheboygan County Executive Director, Kate Baer, share how it is increasingly important to support our neighbors who need our help. 

When the pandemic closed schools and business, sent workers home, and put our most vulnerable population at risk Sheboygan County’s strength shined. United Way of Sheboygan County was able to respond quickly thanks to the generosity of neighbors helping neighbors in need by giving of their time, talent and treasure. As we rise and move forward it is increasingly important to support our neighbors who were impacted most. United, the caring power of many will continue to make Sheboygan County the vibrant, strong, and generous community we all love.

You can be a part of changing the story for those whose suffering has been exasperated as a result of the pandemic. You can also be a part of building resilience for individuals and families that will prepare them for future challenges. This is possible due to the wide range of programs that are supported by United Way of Sheboygan County, each one focusing on the building blocks of success; education, health, and financial stability.

Your gift has an impact on more than 41,000 individuals in Sheboygan County through your support of United Way. That amounts to 1 in 3 people in our county.

Now is the time to rise up, unite as a community and make a big impact in the lives of many. To live better we must LIVE UNITED. Join us in moving one step closer to our goal – a community where we all can achieve our full potential. United we rise.

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