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Community Action Team

The Community Action Team (CAT) is comprised of the Community Impact Director, three members from the Board of Directors and appointed volunteers from private and public sectors. CAT members evaluate program applications from qualified community agencies on an annual basis and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to best invest United Way funding based on available dollars, focus areas and current needs.

The CAT members also provide critical input on the community impact agenda, which is comprised of "community change" strategies that focus on finding solutions to some of Sheboygan County's most pressing human services concerns. This evaluation process is unique to United Way and ensures that all donations are invested wisely.

Garrett TeSelle – Chair
Ann Bachrach
Holly Baumgart
Jeremy Behler
Bryce DeRoos
Steve Gozdeziewski
Lauren Hofland
Julia Hart
Jaclyn Moglowsky
Matt O’Connor
Tammy Pelletier
Lucas Raleigh
Cory Roeseler
Ann Roy
Markus Savaglio
Melissa Schliecher
Nathan Simons
Craig Yoder

Contact us if you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or one of the committees.