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January 24, 2018

2018 Give Back Challenge

Ideas for Volunteering this year

Join Katelyn Braun on her journey exploring Sheboygan County through volunteering. Choose an item on the "Give Back Challenge" list to complete before the end of the 2018 and help make a difference in our community!

Visit www.uwofsc.org/volunteer for a listing of all volunteer opportunities.

  • Take the ‘United Way 12 Challenge’ with Katelyn and volunteer at a new place each month for an entire year. There are many benefits to volunteering but what if you don’t know which nonprofit organization is for you? By volunteering at a new place each month, you will learn more about nonprofits in the area and how you can help them continue to meet their mission. If you choose to share your experiences on social media, make sure to use the hashtag #UWSC12 so we can learn from your journey as well!
  • Consider joining a committee or board of directors. Many of us have expertise that a nonprofit could benefit from. Sharing that knowledge gives the charity of your choice the power to improve operations and/or continue to successfully make a positive impact in the community we live in.
  • Check out ongoing volunteer opportunities. For those that have time to give each week, finding a charity to volunteer at weekly is a great way to give back but also create lasting relationships with people that share your passion for the cause!
  • Make a monetary contribution to a nonprofit organization. Monetary contributions are a great way to give back when you don’t have the time to share. Financial stability allows nonprofits to continue to assist those in need of their services and programs.
  • Refer a friend. You might already be active in our community by volunteering your time and expertise plus making a monetary donation every year. Share with your friends, family and peers why you choose to donate/volunteer at the various charities that you are involved in. Share your knowledge about the programs or services the nonprofit provides and what your personal tie is to the cause. It is a great way to connect with friends and share your passion for keeping our community strong!

For more information, contact United Way of Sheboygan County by calling 920-458-3425 or emailing info@uwofsc.org.

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