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January 23, 2019

United Way Update - Radio Spot 1.23.19

United Way Update - Radio Spot 1.23.19 Header Image

This week on air: United Way update by....

  • David Bolland, President & CEO of Plymouth Foam (and 2018-19 Campaign Co-Chair)
  • Gerald A. Jones, Senior Financial Advisor O'Hare Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch (and 2018-19 Campaign Co-Chair)
  • Tom Malmstadt, Executive Director for United Way of Sheboygan County

CLICK HERE to listen to the radio spot on B93.7

United Way of Sheboygan County supports 40 programs and services in Sheboygan County plus 2 focus areas. Support is provided thanks to the donors that contribute to the United Way Community Action Fund. Click here for the full listing of programs the Community Action Fund supports this fiscal year.(PDF file)

"The campaign is going great!," said Bolland. "There are a lot of (nonprofit) agencies out there that are on the front line doing a lot of work in this community. United Way partners and collaborates with them to help deliver on those programs." 

Collective Impact is a strategy that United Way has historically used to create lasting solutions. For collective impact to work, it takes the investment of many community members, businesses and nonprofit organizations collaborating to find and implement the right solution!

"We want to thank all the residents of Sheboygan County," said Jones. "There is a lot of need out there and we appreciate all of their support."

Special thanks to Midwest Communications for hosting United Way of Sheboygan County on the radio every week to highlight various volunteer opportunities across the county. 

Thank you Jon and Kelly for chatting with us every week on WHBL and B93.7 Sheboygan's Country. Listen every week on Wednesday mornings to learn about local nonprofit news.

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