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December 12, 2017

Santa for the Holidays

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This is the time of year for traditions. If I close my eyes and visualize what December looks like to me, I picture snow outside, a fire in a fireplace and cookies in an oven. This is also the time for the tradition of Santa.

There is a story that circulates on social media this time of year about one mother’s special Santa tradition. When her children start to question if Santa is real, she takes them aside to share the “Secret of Santa.”

If you have heard the story, you know that she tells them that they are officially old enough to ‘become Santa.’ Then they are given the task of finding the perfect gift for someone they know. The secret part is that they are not allowed to tell anyone that they were the one to give the gift.

Next in the story, the mother shares how her son chose their neighbor and secretly put the hand-made gift on their doorstep. Her son watched in anticipation as his gift was found and his first adventure being Santa was completed.

The excitement and thrill of giving to others is something words can only attempt to describe. We all have the opportunity to ‘be Santa’ this year. Consider starting a new tradition by spreading holiday cheer this month. If we all give back, even in a small way, then our collective holiday hope will reach all corners of the county.

Special local opportunities to give back during the Holidays:

Click here for more volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Center.

For more information, contact United Way by calling 920-458-3425 or emailing info@uwofsc.org.

*If you are a part of a volunteer effort this holiday season that should be added to the list above, please email Katelyn Braun at katelyn@uwofsc.org

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