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July 17, 2018

2018-19 Investment Process

2018-19 Investment Process Header Image

Another year of a successful campaign and community investment process has come to a close. Without the support from our community of individuals, organizations, and businesses in Sheboygan County, this success would not be possible. Within the United Way of Sheboygan County (UWSC), lots of credit goes to the volunteer members of the Community Action Team and Board of Directors that work diligently to assure donor dollars are invested wisely and with purpose.

The Community Action Team (CAT), made up of dedicated volunteer members from across Sheboygan County, scored each program application on criteria such as outcome measurement, the logic model program plan and collaboration with other agencies.     

The CAT continues to focus on results-based accountability to assure each donor dollar is making a community impact. This focus gives UWSC the ability to communicate tangible, meaningful results that reflect our community. It also ensures more accountability to the community and better overall performance – more examples of a greater return on investment. 

We thank and congratulate the Partner Agencies for their diligence and creativity in working to make our community a better place to live, work, and thrive. Here is the list of our Partner Agencies and the programs in which United Way has invested for the 2018-2019 fiscal year:

Alzheimer's Association Southeastern WI:                             Awareness, Education & Support

American Red Cross Northeast Wisconsin Chapter:             Disaster Services

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County:                    Community Based Mentoring

                                                                                                     School Based Mentoring

Bay-Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America:                           Comprehensive Youth Development

Boys & Girls Clubs of Sheboygan County:                              Healthy Lifestyles

                                                                                                      Good Character

                                                                                                      Academic Excellence

Catholic Charities:                                                                      Counseling/Behavioral Health Services

                                                                                                      Outreach/Case Management Services

                                                                                                      Refugee Resettlement Services

Family Connections:                                                                  Child Care Resource Development


Family Resource Center of Sheboygan County:                     Parents as Teachers

                                                                                                      Literacy Council

Family Service Association:                                                      Financial Literacy

                                                                                                      Budget & Credit Counseling

Girl Scouts of Manitou Council:                                                 Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Lakeshore CAP:                                                                           Rental Assistance

                                                                                                      Community Response

Lakeshore Regional Child Advocacy Center:                           Forensic Interviews for Sheboygan Families*

Lutheran Social Services:                                                          Runaway and Youth Services

Fresh Meals on Wheels of Sheboygan County:                       Meals on Wheels Delivery

                                                                                                       Fresh Gardens*

Mental Health America in Sheboygan County:                         Education

                                                                                                      Community Service/Advocacy

                                                                                                       Individual Assistance Program

Nourish:                                                                                        Farm to School

Rainbow Kids:                                                                              Children’s Program

                                                                                                       Adults’ Program

Safe Harbor of Sheboygan County:                                           Prevention & Education

                                                                                                       Shelter & Helpline

Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization:                              Bridgeway & Beyond TLP

                                                                                                       Farmers Market

                                                                                                       Supervised Visitation

The Salvation Army:                                                                    Child Care Center

                                                                                                       Comprehensive Services

                                                                                                       The Emergency Lodge

                                                                                                       The Red Shield Wellness Center

Wisconsin Recovery Community Organization:                       Sheboygan Area School District Prevention Program*                     

*Indicates new program investment

UWSC also continues to invest in two focus areas: Community Partnership for Children – a cradle to career initiative and Providing Access to Healing – a brain/mental wellness program.

Continually, UWSC is investing in the Sheboygan County Food Bank, which distributes food to area pantries and the United Way 2-1-1 program, which provides access to area resources via telephone or internet.

If you would like to learn more about any of our Partner Agencies’ work, the UWSC focus areas, or any investment UWSC is making this year, please feel free to contact our office by calling 920-458-3425 or emailing info@uwofsc.org.

We especially want to thank you – the donors to the United Way campaign. Because of your generosity, UWSC is able to invest more money into prevention-based service models and other community programs. 

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill.

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